5 Tips to Create a Prefect Cocktail Wedding


5 Tips to Create a Prefect Cocktail Wedding in 2022

Nowadays, wedding styles are diversified. Besides traditional wedding banquets, light cocktail parties have become a popular form of wedding. The range of choices for a wedding cocktail could be very various. The following 5 tips help you to have a better idea for planning a perfect wedding cocktail.

1. Season and Venue

Choices of food are closely related to the venue. For outdoor weddings, food safety is a key concern. Because the temperature will be varied by the season change. If you want to choose cold dishes or desserts, you must ensure there is refrigeration equipment in the venue to keep the food cold, while also maintaining the taste of the food.

2.Deliciated Appearance

In addition to the taste of the food, the appearance and decoration of the food should be decent, exquisite and beautiful, because this represents the gratitude of the newlyweds to the guests. Finger Food in one-bite size would be an ideal choice, which is convenient for guests to enjoy.

3. Specific wedding theme

If the wedding has a specific theme, such as a specific flower theme or a colour scheme, the catering provider should try to design some food items for the wedding cocktail which match the theme. Nowadays, there are edible flowers or anthocyanins extracted from foods. It is very convenient for the chef to add them to various foods as decorations to express elegance.


4. Guests participate

If there are elderly people or children attending the wedding cocktail, you can add a few hot dishes and cute desserts. The taste should be mild, avoid being too irritating or spicy. Sauce can be placed next to the dishes and adjust it according to the needs of the guests.

5. A small gift

A candy corner and a small gift can be included in the wedding. Guests can use a small plastic bag to hold the candies, which is popular with children and adults. The small gift can be made with snacks such as cookies.