5 tips to be a smart event host in Hong Kong

5 tips to be a smart event host in Hong Kong

When you are going to use catering service in Hong Kong, 5 things you need to be aware of.


1. Understand the Guest Demographic

When you are going to order catering service, you need to know your guest demographic, such as how many people join the event, gender, age group, and etc.. This information helps you easier to prepare the portion and decide what types of food to order. As a professional caterer, different packages are usually ready to offer, e.g.6-ppl, 12-ppl packages...


2. Type of Catering Event

If you have already understood the guest demographic, you may consider the type of event, such as a corporate dinner, birthday party, or wedding cocktail... Proportion of finger food, main course, desserts… may be adjusted. Meanwhile, caterers may also suggest some extra dishes, e.g. birthday cake, take-away candy...


3. Special Care for Guest

Being a warm-hearted host, and leaving a good impression on your guests, you may consider whether the guests have any special care of food, are they vegetarian? Gluten-free? Wine lovers? Especially in recent years, healthy diets such as Vegetarian, Gluten-free and Keto are being popular in Hong Kong. This surrounding information makes your catering perfect.

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4. Estimate the budget

Budget is one of the core awareness of using catering service. Caterers in Hong Kong always provide standard packages with economic price, as well as premium packages with expensive foodstuff, such as suckling pig, tomahawk, and seafood. You can decide which package price is the best for your event, and avoid over-budget.

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5. Delivery Time

Tell your caterer when the event starts. In order to maintain the food quality, the delivery time cannot be ignored. The best delivery time is around 15 minutes before the event starts. However, if your event time is at the peak hour (such as 5-7pm during the week day), you should discuss with the carter to see if they need to arrange an earlier delivery time, as traffic jams are quite usual to happen in Hong Kong. Food should be covered until people start eating. A good caterer should tell you which dishes should be placed in the refrigerator, or kept heated before eating.

To be a smart host, you should be aware of the above 5 things. Wish you an enjoyable catering next time.

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