Pandemic Catering Solution

The whole dynamic of workplace catering & dine out habits have been disrupted by COVID-19. Managing the standard of hygiene and safety for employees and family become critical. Individual Meal Boxes and Family Food packages provided by La Casa Catering would be ideal solutions for you.

Staycation at home Set

Party set for 4-6 people 

Premium Bentos

One main course with 3 canapes  packed in box

Canapes Boxes

9 or 6 or 3 pcs of canapes in a dedicated wooden box

6-dishes Chinese Bentos

6 different kind of Chinese dishes in one box

Western Meal Boxes

Tasty Western  dish in  individual meal box

Asian Meal Boxes

 Fusion Asian food in individual  meal box

Anti-CONVID-19 Measures by La Casa Catering

COVID is still a hazard that we need to be aware of and risk assess. Choosing a responsible caterer is the best way to protect you and your guests. It is also essential that ensure your event can run smoothly.

Why us?

Customers will be inconvenienced if caterers fail to provide catering services on time due to the infection of their employees.

However, there are two central kitchens operated by La Casa Catering in Hong Kong, in To Kwa Wan and in Kowloon Bay. Whenever a COVID-19-positive employee is found in one of our kitchens, that kitchen will be temporarily closed for “deep cleaning” (forensic cleaning). Meanwhile, catering orders will continue to be fulfilled by the other kitchen.

Additionally, our catering service has taken the following safety measures in light of the COVID-19 outbreak:

Kitchen areas

  • Daily temperature screening for all staff in the kitchens;
  •  Gloves used by food workers must be changed frequently and hands must be washed between glove changes and when gloves are removed.
  • All catering staff wear masks and gloves when they prepare the food;
  • All food are well-packed with covers or lids before leaving our kitchen;
  • Travel & health declaration for all catering staff are enforced.


Catering Venues

  • Temperature screening for staff members at the venue when reporting duty.
  • Staff members are required to wear face masks at all times.
  • Staff members are required to sanitize their hands before serving the food.
  • Adequate sanitary facilities are provided in catering venue.
  • Guests are required to wear a face covering when going to collect food from the buffet.


Let’s fight for the Virus together and stay safe & healthy!