East Meets West,
Mid-Autumn Set

for 8 persons (Drop off )

Appetizer Platter (choose 1)
Chinese Style Platter: Beef Shank in Chinese Marinade Sauce‧Braised Wheat Gluten‧Smashed Cucumber
Exquisite Trio: Spicy Salami, Black Olive & Cheddar Cheese Skewer‧Pomelo Salad, Asparagus & Salmon Roll
Selected Soup (choose 1)
Assorted Seafood in Tofu Soup (8bowls)
Cream Soup with Crab Meat & Pumpkin (8 bowls)
Main course (choose 2)
Poached Royal Chicken with Fish Maw and Conpoy
Red-Braised Pork Belly with Beetroot
Stir-Fried Grouper with XO Sauce in Secret Recipe
Baked Halibut Fillet with Onion, Capers & Dill
Roasted Chicken with Rosemary Sauce
Slow-Cooked Pork Loin with Gravy
Noodles / Rice (choose 1)
Shrimp Ball with E-Fu Noodle in Superior Broth
Spanish Seafood Paella with Saffron
Happiness Dessert Box (8pcs)

v=vegetarian friendly


Special Offer: $1,988+Delivery Charge
Original Price: $2,888+Delivery Charge

Packaging & Utensils

Cutlery provided upon request
dishes served in aluminium trays

Advance Order

4 working days ( Mon-Fri ) for delivery upon order placement with full payment is required

This year, LaCasa has prepared a Mid-Autumn Festival set menu that comes with a mix of Chinese and Western-style items, including appetizers, soups, main dishes, rice & noodles, and desserts. You can pick and choose whatever style within the menu according to your taste. For example, a Chinese Style Platter: Beef Shank in Chinese Marinade Sauce‧Braised Wheat Gluten‧Smashed Cucumber(開胃三喜:滷水牛𦟌‧四喜烤麩‧拍黃瓜)as the appetizer and served with the Cream Soup with Carb Meat & Pumpkin(西式的蟹肉南瓜忌廉湯), followed by Poached Royal Chicken with Fish Maw(古法花膠瑤柱貴妃雞)and Slow-cooked Pork Loin with Gary(法式慢煮豬柳配燒汁). What a great way to express your love with the taste of the globe.

For rice and noodle, you have a choice between Shrimp Ball with E-Fu Noodle in Superior Broth(湯蝦球伊麵)and Spanish Seafood Paella with Saffron(西班牙紅花海鮮飯).  Last but not least, how dare a meal be finished without desserts, a wooden Happiness Dessert Box (9 pieces)(中秋甜品寶盒 (9件))is specially designed to represent the joyfulness of family reunion.

It is wonderful to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with good food. Indulge in a feast of flavours this Mid-Autumn Festival with our exquisite catering service. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a grand event, our catering service brings the warmth and joy of this festive occasion to your table.


Delivery Charges:

Districts Areas Door to Door Notes
District A HK Island HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver at parking area)
District B Kowloon or Kwai Tsing HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver at parking area)
District C Other N.T. area HK$400 (door to door) or HK$250 (pick up from driver at parking area)
District D Tung Chung or Discovery Bay HK$600 (door to door) or HK$400 (pick up from driver at parking area)

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Adding catering services to show your appreciation for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival is considered as one of the festivals that the Chinese people value most, people also like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to customers and staff. Our boss wants this year's gift to be memorable and creative. In that case, the hamper is out of the list, but giving food as a gift is always welcomed, so we have narrowed down what form of food items we should give out this year.

How your appreciation with buffet-style catering service to your staff

Most of bosses would like to take advantage of the festive season to show their appreciation to the staff. In addition to giving the mooncake voucher, planning a buffet-style lunch for everyone to enjoy would be a great idea, as it won't take up employee's Me Time as they can pick the food and enjoy it anywhere in the office. La Casa's Western-style buffet menu includes a variety of salads/appetizers, main dishes (Asian, Western, and Chinese), a variety of vegetables, Chinese and Western-style rice/noodles, snacks or desserts, plus healthy drinks. The wide selection of menu items can be mix-and-match and be different every day during the week, and having lunch at the office can be fun for everyone.

Canape box for your customers

To express your sincerity to customers, other than just sending hampers, you can arrange La Casa's elegant canape boxes for customers this year.
Choose between the 6-grid classic canape box or the 9-grid luxury canape set. You can also pick and choose the items from the menu to create your own box, warm, cold, or sweet, La Casa has them all on the menu. I am sure this canape box will definitely wow your customers.