Wedding Cocktail

Smoked Salmon on Toast
Parma Ham & Melon
Cooked Ham & Asparagus Roll
Shrimp Cocktail
Drunken Chicken with Goji Berry
Crab Meat Vol-au-vent
Truffle Wild Mushroom Samosa
Mini Angus Beef & Cheese Burger
Mini Chocolate Tart with Brandy Raisins
Mini Lemon Cheesecake
Mini Strawberry Mousse Cup
French Macaron
Drinks Package: Orange Juice, Soft Drinks, Coffee / Tea & Still Water

Pricing & Further Details

$398 HK per person (Min. 50 guests)
4 hours waiter serving (set up & dismantle)
2 hours of free-flow drinks (Orange Juice, Soft Drinks, Coffee / Tea & Still Water)
Round Trip Delivery
Utensils, dishes for food display, decorations
3'x6' Long Table: $100 each

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